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Swimming advantages that show you how great it is for your body. Find out how swimming workouts make you fitter, happier and healthier.

Swimming Advantages

  1. Swimming is a Total Body Workout
  2. Great as a Stress Relief
  3. Swimming is making you younger
  4. It Makes You Smarter
  5. Swimming workouts are very effective in fat loss
  6. Swimming is great for your Lungs
  7. It is great exercise for anyone
  8. Swimming is the cure for muscle soreness
  9. Swimming workouts are without sweat
  10. Swimming improves your flexibility

Swimming is a Total Body Workout                        

During your swimming workouts, every part of your body is moving. In a water, you need to move constantly or you will sink. Water is even 800 times denser than air so all your body and muscles are under constant resistance.

You are getting the balance of all your body. Muscles which you rarely use will be also hit with the swimming. What is also interesting that swimming is at the same time strength and cardio exercise. So, you don’t need to mind is it your strength or aerobic day. Don’t forget that you are not sweating during your swimming workouts.

Swimming advantages

It is Great as a Stress Relief

You are under stress whole day in an office. Often at home, you are also having some problems. During your swimming workouts, it is time only for you. You can use it more as a relaxation and don’t force yourself. Another time you can swim with higher intensity, and you will have the best exercise there is.

Swimming is Making You Younger

According to research from Indiana University, swimmer’s biological age can be younger even 20 years than chronological age. Your swimming workouts lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, increase your muscle mass. Swimming also positively affects on your central nervous system, cognitive functions and blood chemistry.

It Makes You Smarter

Blood flow to the brain increases when you are in the water. Water’s pressure on the chest cavity improves the blood flow to the brain and makes your brain work better.

Swimming workouts are great for fat loss

Swimming workouts are probably the most effective way to burn your calories. Very slow swimming is more than double effective of walking. Faster swimming is better than running or cycling.

Swimming is Good for the Lungs

When your face is under water and your breath during swimming, your body use oxygen more efficiently. Swimmers have better lung capacity than runners. Your swimming workouts lower your resting heart rate, lower your blood pressure.

It is a great Exercise for Anyone

Swimming workouts are great for anyone. If you didn’t workout for ages and you are completely out of shape, light swimming workout is the best start for getting you in shape. Professional athletes can use the swimming as one of the best off-season workouts. Pregnant woman, new mothers and older people can use it as therapy. It is also treatment for many diseases and disorders. 

Swimming is the cure for Muscle Soreness

Overuse of your muscles, or when you are overdoing it with your workout, is the cause of muscle soreness. Especially if you have just started with new training program after long time of lounging around for sure it will result with muscle soreness. Similar can happen if you change your training routine or you have increased too much the intensity of your workouts.

Swimming, which is probably the best total body workout, can help you to cure mild muscle soreness. At the same time, you are doing one interesting total body workout and healing your muscles. It is important to mention that this doesn’t mean that you need to overdo it.

Swimming Workouts are Without Sweat

Swimming is an effective total body workout. During swimming workouts, no matter how intense and demanding they are, you are not sweating at all, because you are in the water all the time. The water is controlling the temperature of your body and controlling all the cooling of the body.

Swimming Improves your Flexibility

During your swimming workouts you stretch, twist and pull through the water. Each kick you are making against the water is stretching your ankles. Regular swimming for sure helps you to be more flexible, but small stretching afterwards is recommendable. 

Swimming Not Worth a Try?

All these swimming advantages are not enough to motivate you to start swimming? You can make up your mind and you are not sure? Watch this please.


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+1 #1 Marc Strongman 2017-08-10 08:10
If you swim regularly, the best way to make it more interesting is to do the different swimming workouts.
- You can swim slower but longer without rest
- Swim fast for 25 or 50 meters and rest
- Change slow and fast paces

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