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HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training is probably the best exercise for every fitness level. Check here how to find appropriate HIIT workout for you.

High Intensity Interval Training is the training method, especially effective in burning fat. Forget hours spent on running and cycling. 15 minutes of HIIT training are proven to be more effective than 1 hour of jogging. It is also important to mention that aerobic exercise, especially if you are doing it too much can cause you serious health problems. Read more about this in Aerobic Exercise or Cardio Workout Can Cause More Harm Than Good.

HIIT Basics and Benefits

High Intensity Interval Training is training in which you are alternating short periods of very intense exercise with less intensive periods. Alternate these two high and low intensity activities until you are too exhausted to properly perform exercises.

You can use many different types of exercise. Running, cycling, rowing machine, squats, pushups, pull-ups, lunges, but kicks, doing with weights and without weight. Only important is that it should be intense, fast, and explosive – short bursts. The bursts last for 30-45 seconds and they are followed by a low intensity activity. An example, could be 30 seconds sprint, followed by 60 seconds walk.

Usually the whole workout lasts under 30 minutes. It is extremely effective, especially for fat loss. There are many High Intensity Interval Training benefits, physical, mental and emotional. More about this read on What is HIIT Workout and What are the HIIT Benefits.

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Be Aware Before Starting with HIIT Workout

  • Always perform a warm up
  • Stop if you feel any pain
  • Stop if you feel dizzy
  • Properly adopt intensity, weight, speed
  • 1st week perform only test trainings
  • Perform minimum 3 workouts per week

It is very important, especially for beginners, to always do a proper warm up before starting with HIIT workout. You need to properly prepare your muscles, your heart and lungs for intensive bursts which you will soon perform.

If you feel some pain, or dizziness during workout, immediately stop. Some small pain in hamstrings could lead you to months of injury. If you feel dizzy, don’t be afraid. It is a normal for intensive workouts. Your heart rate and aerobic capacity need time to adopt for higher intensity. In these situations, just lower intensity or stop.

It is tricky to determine the right intensity, especially in the beginning. Start with lower pace and adopt it as your muscles, heart and lungs are improving.

1st week of your planned High Intensity Interval Trainings, you can use as test trainings. In these 3 trainings, you will determine the following:

  • What is your optimum intensity?
  • How long is your optimum period for your high intensity interval (about 30 seconds)?
  • How long is your optimum period of your low intensity interval (about 60 seconds)?
  • How many high and low intensity alternating circles can you perform?

Do not go below 3 workouts a week. Less is not effective and you can more easily get an injury. And, once more, please do the warm up before any workout.

HIIT Workout Programs

High Intensity Interval Training should be challenging for anyone. From complete beginners to the professionals this is a very hard workout. What makes a difference is an intensity you can use in your workouts. The intensity level for high intensive interval for beginners, could be pace for low intensity interval for advanced gym members.

In article Treadmill HIIT Workout – Great Fat Burn Gym Exercise you can find in detail what is the most appropriate HIIT workout for beginners. There is also training for intermediate and advanced gym goers. Therefore, try also the 3rd version of workout mentioned there. This version is less intensive, but with longer intervals.

Professional HIIT Training Programs

It is also an option to find in your gym professionally designed and leaded group workouts. Less Mills, Tabata, Zumba and similar programs could be the right choice for you. Group trainings have lots of advantages. Therefore, you just need to find the right version and work out for you.

HIIT Workout at Home

HIIT is probably the best choice if you are working out at home. You can choose the most appropriate time of day in your home. It is also time most effective option. The problem is you need to be disciplined. Don’t end up watching your favorite TV show instead performing your workouts.

HIIT Outside

If you love to run outside in a park you can also do the High Intensity Interval Training there. In the article Running training – Morning Running HIIT Workout you can read how to do the HIIT training running outside. In the nature, at the fresh air, if you have the opportunity, is probably the best HIIT workout option.


After all these you still think HIIT is not the best choice for you. Watch this video first and then decide.

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