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Treadmill HIIT running is one of the best fat burning exercises you can do in a gym. Find the best suitable treadmill running workout for you.

HIIT workout is an excellent fat burning exercise. It is probably the most effective way to get you in shape and lose fat. There are many great benefits of HIIT. In article What is HIIT Workout and What are the HIIT Benefits? you can check all the advantages of HIIT training. 

Treadmill HIIT workout you can perform in different ways and combinations:

  • Very fast, if not maximum pace, in very small-time period (30 seconds or less), followed by slow walking for minute and alternating
  • Very fast running about 30 seconds, followed by slow running for a minute and alternating
  • Performing fast minute or two, followed by slower running for minute and alternating
  • Alternating fast running for 400 meters and slow running for 200 meters
  • Alternating sets described above for 15 minutes
  • Alternating sets described above for 30 minutes
  • Alternating sets described above for 45 minutes (you need to be in a top form for this)
  • Workout contains only HIIT
  • Usual workout (for example, with weights) which ends with HIIT

The Best Treadmill HIIT Workout for the Beginners

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One of the best HIIT exercises for beginners on a treadmill is alternation of 30 seconds fast running with 60 seconds walking for 15 minutes. Don’t forget to warm up before with easy running.

10 sets of the following:

  • 30 seconds of fast running
  • 60 seconds of walking

Between sets there is no rest, because 60 seconds of walking is rest period.

Important Tips for Beginners

  • Do the warm up before starting with HIIT sets
  • Start with a slower pace for this 30 seconds intense interval fast running at first, but it should be challenging enough
  • Start with 5 sets, if 10 sets are too difficult, but don’t have rest until you are finished with all
  • Stop immediately in the following situations
    • You feel dizzy
    • If you feel any pain (knee, hamstring, calves or thigh muscle)
  • Have at least three HIIT workouts a week
  • Increase intensity after some time, HIIT training needs to be very demanding
  • If you aren’t completely exhausted and sweaty you need to increase the intensity or perform more alternating sets

Treadmill HIIT Running for intermediate to advanced

20 sets of the following Treadmill HIIT workout:

  • 30 seconds of sprint
  • 60 seconds of slow running

Be sure to have about 5 minutes of warm up with slow running.

Alternating 30 seconds sprints with 60 seconds slow runs for 30 minutes is a very challenging workout. If you aren’t completely wet and tired you are not doing it right. This HIIT workout is very flexible and it should be very hard for complete beginners and professional athletes. The difference is the speed you are using for 30 seconds sprints.

You need to find just fine speed for you. If it is too fast, it can cause injury of knee or hamstring. But if you use to slow tempo, the treadmill HIIT workout is not effective it should be. Try to find your balance, start with slower speed and increase it little by little.

If you are starting to lose your breath completely, walk for 60 seconds, but do not stop until the complete workout is finished. What is the most important, stop in a case of any pain or if you feel dizzy.

HIIT Running Workout with Slower but Longer Intensive Intervals

It is good to change your exercises from time to time. Try with the following treadmill HIIT workout sets for 30 minutes:

  • Running fast for 400 meters
  • Running slow for 200 meters

Try to find the right intensity for you, so you can run for 400 meters without stopping. Speed should be enough that it is hard enough for you.

Tips for this HIIT Treadmill Workout

  • Always do the warm up before with slow running for 2-5 minutes
  • You can alternate speeds for 400 meters running
    • Starting with slower speeds
    • Increasing speed until you hardly manage to run for 400 meters
    • Decrease it if it is too hard for you
  • If it is starting to be too hard for you, walk for 100 meters instead slowly run for 200 meters

Treadmill HIIT workout is great and very effective exercise, but running outside can be wonderful experiance. Read more about it in Running training – Morning Running HIIT Workout.


#1 Marc Strongman 2017-08-10 07:59
Treadmill HIIT workout is great, but you need to be careful to not get injury.
Please do the following:
- Before every HIIT running workout have a good warm up
- Be sure you can handle the maximum speed
- If you feel any pain or dizziness, stop immediately

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