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Full body workout is probably the most effective way to stay in a great shape, and not to lose time for ineffective and long training sessions.


You don't have time to spend five to six times a week in a gym, but you are ready to train hard in less time. Full body workout is a great solution for you. 

Aerobic exercises are not the best and the healthiest way to do exercises, read more about this in Aerobic Exercise or Cardio Workout Can Cause More Harm Than Good. The most effective and healthiest way to train is full body workout that consists of compound exercises. You can perform these exercises without any weight, with one or two dumbbells, with one or two Kettlebells, with barbell, rope, ball, or some other exercise equipment.

full body workout

The best is to do them 3 times a week and that each workout last 45 minutes, maximum one hour. Each workout should consist of press and pull exercise together with at least one lower body exercise.

In the Best Exercises for Working Men, Both For Fat Loss and Strength, I mentioned the best exercises of all times:

Yes, they are all compound exercise that are ideal for full body workouts. There are so many different combinations for full body trainings, check some of them in this article.

Benefits of a Full Body Workout

Check the best 7 benefits of full body exercises:

  1. Saves time
  2. Larger testosterone boost
  3. Great for Fat Loss
  4. Your muscle recovery is faster
  5. Great solution for Home Workouts
  6. More flexible
  7. More exciting

1.      Saves time

Maybe the best benefit of the Full Body workout programs is that it takes less time to perform them. Each training session is more demanding and could last about one hour, but three or only two full body workouts per week is enough to be in a great shape. If you compare this to 4-5 times a week classical training, you have more time for other things in your life.

2.      Boost of Testosterone and Growth Hormone

Compound, multi joint exercises are the most effective natural way to increase your testosterone and growth hormone levels. Higher testosterone and growth hormone level have many benefits, not only for building bigger muscles, but other health benefits. They are like some magical elixir for your body.

3.      Great for Fat Loss

Full body workouts are a great way to lose extra fat from your body. They are much more effective than aerobic exercises. With classical aerobic exercises you will lose weight, but mostly you will lose muscle. The fat is going last. With full body exercises, you can target losing mainly fat from your body.

4.      Your muscle recovery is faster

One of the biggest obstacles in classical gym programs that are four, even six times a week is they are too demanding. Average person, especially if they are over 30, have a problem with the muscle recovery.

Full body workout plans you have at least one day of recovery between workouts, so you have more time for muscle recovery.

5.      Great solution for Home Workouts

Full Body workouts are the perfect choice for a Home Workouts. With only two dumbbells you can have many different exercises (squats, deadlift, lunges, shoulder press, biceps curls, bent over rows, lateral raises, overhead triceps extensions). Your training can consist of many of these exercises. More effective is an exercise that is a combination of these two exercises, like squats with shoulder presses.

With only one or two Kettlebells you have an even bigger range of exercises. Kettlebell swing, KB squats, KB deadlifts, KB lunges, Turkish get-up, KB military press, KB push-ups, KB windmill…

Don’t forget great body weight exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, jumps, dips, jump squat, Burpees, jump rope. Workout that consists of one dumbbell exercise, kettlebell exercise and body exercise is a great example of very effective full body workout.

6.      More flexible

If you miss one or more workouts in a classical gym training, it is not so easy to continue. You are not sure is it better to continue with your training schedule or to start from beginning.

When you miss one or more fully body workouts, you just do any full body training when you have time. You don’t need to bother which muscle group was last used.

You can have so many combinations of different exercises that make your training much more flexible and more interesting.

7.      More exciting

In classical gym and aerobic exercise programs you often repeat the same activity over and over again.  Especially if you are doing them 5 to six times a week they become boring.

Full body workout program gives you more different combination of exercises and you are doing them only 3 times a week, they are for sure more exciting.

Full Body Workout For Beginners

Check here the video for full body training program for beginners: