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Workout routine for losing weight and gaining muscle mass cannot be the same. Find the workout plan most appropriate for you and your fitness level.

workout routine

Having any Workout Routine is a Great Start

I often see many people in the gym without any workout plan. They are having always the same few exercises every time or they are jumping from one exercise to another without any logic. They are usually spending lots of their time in the gym, but without any real results.

Having any kind of exercise is of course much better than not doing exercise at all. But, having the workout routine or proper workout plan, designed for your fitness goal and fitness level, is making a huge difference.

What is your fitness goal?

Do you know what is your fitness goal? Fitness goal can be put in one of three basic categories:

  1. Losing weight
  2. Gaining muscle mass

What is your Fitness Level?

Also, when creating your workout routine, it is important to choose the workout plan that is suitable for your fitness level. Workout plans for absolute beginner cannot be the same as for experienced gym goer. So, it is important to start with the appropriate fitness level:

  1. Beginner
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

If you are not sure, it is better to start with beginner level. I found very surprising when experienced personal trainers are giving five or six days per week for beginners. This is not good. This kind of training cannot only demotivate beginners, but also to cause them injuries.

Most people will lose motivation very soon if they are using too hard workout plan, but also too easy workout plan. So, it is very important to start with the most appropriate fitness level and adapt the workout routine after some time.

Doing workout 6 days a week or even seven days a week, especially if you are over 30 is not healthy. Many latest studies are showing that too much of exercise can be very dangerous for your health, even for your heart and blood vessels.

workout plan for losing weight

Workout plan for losing weight

Workout routine for losing weight should consist of the following exercises:

You may be surprised why there are no aerobic exercises for losing weight. HIIT workouts are more efficient for losing weight. Also, aerobic exercise can be dangerous for your health. Read more about hidden dangers of aerobic exercises in Aerobic Exercise or Cardio Workout Can Cause More Harm Than Good.

Beginners plan for weight loss

For beginners, the workout routine should look like:

  1. 1st month of HIIT workouts 3 times a week
  2. From 2nd month include one compound exercise in each training (3 training per week)

Do the 4 sets of squat, deadlift or bench press with 15 reps on start of every training. Keep all trainings short, under 45 minutes. Before every training, do the warm up and use the foam roller after training.

Start with lower intensity in HIIT and increase it is as you are progressing. The same is with the weight you are using on compound exercises.

Intermediate workout plan for weight loss

The plan for intermediate should look like:

  1. 1st month: HIIT 3 times a week + 1 circuit training with weights
  2. From 2nd month include in 3 workouts per week compound exercise with HIIT:
    • Monday: squat + HIIT
    • Tuesday: bench press + HIIT
    • Thursday: HIIT
    • Friday: deadlift + HIIT

Advanced workout plan for weight loss

In advanced 5 days a week workout program you should include three types of exercises:

More about 5 days a week workout program for weight loss read in Weight Loss Workouts And Great Weight Loss Exercise Program.

workout routine for muscles

Workout routine for gaining muscle mass

Workout program for gaining the muscles should be based on the compound exercises.

Beginners 3 days a week program for muscle mass

Intermediate and advanced 4 days a week program for muscle mass

Do the exercise with 4 sets:

Try to increase the weight every week a little. Constant little progress day by day can give you a huge progress in a long term.

Check the workout routine for gaining the muscles in this article.