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How to start running? Find here the secret to start running regularly and what is more important, without great pain at the beginning.

 Running is a great exercise and is on my list of 5 best exercises for men. It can give you lots of great benefits, but can also be bad for you. More about this find out in Running Benefits – Is Running the Best Exercise or Dangerous.

how to start running


How to start running?

Start running, especially if you are completely out of shape, can be a painful experience. Here you can find the beginner running tips that are secret to get used to running without too much pain.  

  1. Start slow and easy
  2. Get quality running shoes
  3. Run two or three times per week
  4. Take a rest after training day
  5. Combine the running with strength training
  6. Be consistent
  7. Use running training app
  8. Watch for your diet too
  9. Set small winnable goals
  10. Do the strides

Start slow and easy

The biggest mistake is starting too ambitious and quitting too soon. If you haven’t done regular exercise for years, and you start too fast with too demanding running trainings, you will probably quit very soon. First of all, don’t start with a 5k run at high speed. The best is to start with brisk walks first week. Second week you could have a combination of walks and runs. Listen to your body and slowly increase intensity of trainings, depending how you feel. Always stretch after every run and use the foam roller, if you have one. 

Get quality running shoes

running shoesThe most important equipment for running are running shoes. Go to your closest running store and buy specialized shoes for running. You don’t need to spend a fortune. Between $60-$100 you can find very good running shoes.

Another common mistake nowadays is that people are spending lots of money on different running gadgets. They can be very helpful, but for a beginner is much more important, a pair of running shoes. Therefore, the most important thing to invest is quality running shoes.

Run two or three times per week

Dont start with running every day. Also, running only once a week is not enough. The best is to start with 3 trainings a week. Two of these trainings can consist of running and third training could be the strength training.

In this how to start running article, I am motivating you to start running, but also to do the weight or body weight training in combination with running.

Don’t run two days in a row

Furthermore, it is not good that you run 5 or 6 days in a week, especially at the beginning. Run two or three times in a week and don’t run two days in a row. Take a day the rest after running training or have strength training between running trainings. You need to give your body, legs and joints, a time to rest. The pain in your legs will be lower and you will not quit at the beginning.

Combine the running with strength training

Another big mistake of many beginners, but also serious fitness freaks is that they do only one type of training. There are runners and weight lifters. You could rarely find a person who combine those two types of trainings. I don’t count the ones who spend 5 minutes on treadmill to warm up, before strength training.

The best option for your body is a combination of strength training with running. In one workout, you could have combination of running and strength training. You can have two strength trainings and one running training per week, or 2 running training and one strength training. It depends how you feel.

Be consistent

One of the most important tips on how to start running is to be consistent. Every week have, at least, three days of training. It is much better to have tree easy trainings a week than one hard training in a week. If in any case one week you can’t do your regular exercise, continue next week with your usual training routine.

Use running training app

Furthermore, it is good to use a running training app. You will be more motivated if you see your progress. You can also notice what is the best suitable time for running. You can show the progress to your friends and compete among each other.

But please don’t be too ambitious and don’t start too hard. Therefore, remember my first recommendation - start slow and easy.

Watch for your diet too

Finally, equally important in how to start running, if not more important, is what you eat. Don't fall into the trap of having excuses for eating unhealthy food after running. You can even get some additional fat, while doing regular exercises, if you don’t watch what you eat.

The problem is that if your body get used to the same trainings, you will not lose so much calories as at the beginning. You need to slowly increase training intensity and watch for your diet too.

Set small winnable goals

If you set bigger goals at the beginning, you will start to lose motivation and feel you will never get there. It is much better to start with small, but winnable goals. They will keep you more interested and motivated to continue with your regular exercises.

Do the strides

Most of the runners do only long run with similar speed and intensity. This is not the best and healthiest option for your body. The best is to do the strides. The combination of very fast runs (with about 90%-95% of your maximum speed) and walks. This is the type of HIIT training, what is the most effective workout for weight loss. Find out more about this in What is HIIT Workout and What are the HIIT Benefits.

The best and final motivation to start running

After you know the best secrets of how to start running and doing other regular exercise, check also the following. Here you can find great community which can help you to become a fit, healthy and happy man. I know you have a busy working schedule, your family and other obligations. Take time for yourself and start with regular exercises. Sign to my Fo30 community, completely free and be motivated, happy and fit man.


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