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How to do push-ups? Probably you are doing them incorrectly. Learn to do a proper push-up and use this great exercise to get in the best shape of your life.

Push-ups are the most popular exercise of all time. They turn boys to men from caveman to modern man. I am sure you do them from early elementary school with a physical education, sports club, especially if you were in military. Therefore, you need to know how to do a push-up properly.

How to do push-ups properly?

Step-by-step guide for perfect Push-ups:

  1. Push-up setup
  2. Lowering your body
  3. Go down until chest just reaches the floor
  4. Push up your body upwards until you reach initial push-up setup

1. Push-up setup

pushup2 480

Put your body into the high plank position:

  • Arms straight down with shoulder-width apart
  • Hands firmly on the ground directly under shoulders
  • Toes should be on the floor
  • Abs tight
  • Glutes and hamstring tight
  • Flatten your back so that your whole body is positioned in the straight line

2. Lowering your body

  • Lower yourself with elbows, pulling back at angle about 45°
  • Keep your back flat
  • Your eyes should focus ahead of you, so you have neutral neck
  • The butt should always be in neutral position (without dipping or sticking out)
  • Keep elbows close to your body (45°)
  • The core should be tight all the way

3. Go down until chest just reaches the floor

pushup 480

You will probably find in many articles that you need to reach the floor with your chest that push-up counts. First of all, this is the easy version. When your chest reaches the floor, you rest for a while. It is much harder if your chest never touches the floor. Rather lower yourself very close to the floor.

4. Push up your body upwards until you reach initial push-up setup

  • Push your torso upwards until your arms lock
  • Keep your core tight
  • Your butt should be in neutral position

Common mistakes

Now when you know how to do push-ups, let’s check the most common mistakes and how to fix them.

  1. Lower back and hips are not straight
  2. Sticking your neck out
  3. Letting your elbows go too wide
  4. Not breathing correctly
  5. Doing only half of push-up

1. Lower back and hips are not straight

Allowing your back and hips to sag or to arch is probably the most common mistake. The wrong posture, like this, places extra stress on your back.

Fix: Therefore, to avoid this mistake, you need to keep your core tight, especially abs, during the whole exercise.

2. Sticking your neck out

If your neck isn’t aligned with the rest of your body, is making a stress on your neck. This can cause the pain in the neck and bad posture.

Fix: To prevent this, keep your head behind the chest. Your chest should hit the floor first, instead of your face.

3. Letting your elbows go too wide

Your elbows shouldn’t go too wide. This shouldn’t happen when you are lowering your body, but also when you push upwards. Don’t form a T with your arms.

Fix: You need to squeeze the elbows so they are closer to your body. Ideally the angle between your elbows and body should be 45°.

4. Not breathing correctly

One of the biggest mistakes is holding your breath and not breathing correctly.

Fix: Therefore, exhale naturally on the way up and inhale on the way down. Don’t force, just try to breath naturally without thinking.

5. Doing only half of push-up

Lots of people don’t go low enough or high enough with their push-ups.

Fix: Do less reps, but do it properly. Also, don’t do them too fast. It is much better to do less reps with proper technique and control movements. Doing them too fast, without control and only half of the movement will not get you all the benefits of push-ups.  

Check the video

In the video you can see also how to do push-ups.

Why do the push-ups and how often?

Now when you know how to do push-ups, you need to do them regularly. More about their benefits you can find out in the article Push-up Benefits – The Ultimate Test of Your Manhood.

A common mistake is doing daily only one type of exercise. This could be push-ups, running, or any other exercise.  To reach your full potential, your weekly training routine needs to contain other important exercises. Every effective training program needs to contain 5 best exercises for men.

Furthermore, if you want to live longer, healthier and happier life, sign up free to the Fo30 community. You can get there all advices about how to be the man you always wanted to be. You can directly ask me or someone in community and get the moral support.

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