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 How to do a squat right is a crucial thing for getting in shape. Find here the secret for the perfect squat and become strong, fit, healthy and sexy man. 


squat 480It is very important for you to learn the proper squat technique. The squat is a great exercise, on top of my 5 Best Exercises for Working Men. The squat is the best exercise for your lower body, but it is also great for your core. Doing a squat is not only great for getting some muscles and losing weight, the squat is also one of the best medicine you could take for your body. Most of men's health issues  you can solve and prevent with doing regular exercise, especially like squats. Checking what all good stuffs are squats doing to your body in Benefits of Doing Squats.

Don’t give up before you start

One of the biggest problems with squatting is that if you check on the internet how to do a squat, you will get the articles and videos with so many rules, dos and donts. It seems like you need to study for years to be able to perform the perfect squat form. This is a big reason why people are not doing the squats at all, or the reason why they are doing it wrong.

Here, I will get you in one place few tips so you can start doing the squats correctly. The best way to learn how to do a squat right is by doing them.


Tips for beginners

The squats, together with deadlift, are exercise that is the most effective for strength and muscle mass than any other exercise. But in the same time, doing the squats in a wrong way can cause the injuries like any other exercise. That is the reason why you need to be very careful doing this remarkable exercise.

Before starting with the back squat, I encourage you to do for some time the goblet squats. They are the perfect exercise for learning the classical squat - the back squat. Check more about the goblet squat at  Goblet Squat - The Best Way For Learning How To Properly Do Squats.

If you decide you are ready for doing the back squat check the following tips:


  • Do the warm-up
  • Start with the empty barbell
  • Don’t use Smith Machine
  • Ask more experienced gym goers to check your squat form
  • Stretch after the workout

Before starting with squats, always do the proper warm-up, like running 5 minutes on treadmill. The best way to start your first proper squats is with the empty barbell. In this way, you will get used to squats with a barbell. The weight of barbell – usually 20 kilograms, can’t cause you the injury.  

Don’t use the Smith machine. This is one of the biggest mistakes in strength training. Use the squat rack with barbell. Squat machine doesn’t allow the natural movement.

In most gyms, when you sign-up, you get free lessen with a personal trainer. If not that, ask some more experienced gym-goer to spot you during your squatting exercise. During the spotting, ask him to check your squat form.

Do the stretching after each workout and use the foam roller on your legs. 

How to do a Squat Right?

Step-by-step guide for the perfect squat form – barbell squat:

  1. Squat setup
  2. Squatting down
  3. Go toward the parallel position
  4. Squat up

Squat setup

  • Face the bar symmetrically
  • Grab it tight with your hands
  • Go below the bar by dipping
  • Put the bar in “high bar position”
  • Feet should be a shoulder’s width apart and facing outwards a bit
  • Knees should be locked in top standing position
  • Take a few full, deep breaths before starting

The most important is to take a symmetrical setup with your whole body. Your hands should be placed symmetrically on the bar, with head in the middle of the bar.  Every barbell has the grip marks, so it is not hard to find the middle of the bar. Hands should hold the bar with the grip which is not too tight, but not too loose.

Go below, by dipping under the bar and put the bar on your upper-mid traps. You will have less stress on your shoulders and hips. If you put a bar too high on your neck you, this will cause the neck pain. Place the bar on your upper back muscles – upper-mid traps.

Your feet should be at shoulder’s width facing outwards a bit. Ideally the angle should be 30° facing outwards. This means not too much outwards, but not straight.

Your knees should be locked in top standing position. You start the exercise with this position and when you squat back you return to the same position.

Take a few deep breaths before going with squatting down. This is great preparation for your squatting exercise, both physical and mental.

Squatting down

  • Always look straight ahead of you
  • The weight should be on your heels, not the toes
  • Your knees shouldn’t go forward beyond your toes
  • The knees should go outwards toward your feet
  • Inhale as you bend your knees
  • Control the movement
  • Keep your core tight
  • Keep you your chest up and shoulders back

Always look straight ahead of you, during all exercise not only squatting down. Do not look down during the movement.

The weight should be always on your heels, not on the toes. Both feet should take equal weight, there shouldn’t be active and passive feet.

Bent your knees slowly. The knees should go outwards during bending and they should go to your feet 30° outwards. Don’t go too much forward with your knees. They shouldn’t go beyond the toes.

Your core, both lower back and abs, should be tight during the whole exercise. Don’t do the excess arching, but especially don’t round your back and neck. Keep your chest up and shoulders back.  

Go toward the parallel position

  • Don’t go below the parallel position
  • Stay tight and symmetrical

You can find lots of inconsistent information about how to do a squat. One of this is how deep you should go. My view on this is to do the squatting down, until you reach the parallel position and dont go down below this position. The parallel position is when your legs are parallel with the floor.

Some experts claim you should go down even further. I don’t agree with them. You are risking a knee injury. Also, often some people bend their back in lower position. It is not worth a risk. Keep your core tight still and hold your body symmetrically. Keep your breath.

Squat up

  • Keep your eyes straight ahead
  • Exhale just below the top position
  • Keep your body tight
  • Put the weight on your heels
  • Keep concentration during the whole exercise
  • Control the movement
  • Don’t do the good mornings

Keep your eyes straight ahead. Don’t look up, neither down. Hold your breath and exhale just below the top position. Holding the breath during movement increases the intra-abdominal pressure. With this you can avoid injuries and you become stronger.

Keep your whole body tight, especially your lower back and abs. You need to be 100% concentrated during the whole exercise. The weight should be on your heels, not the toes, all the time. Control the movement, it should be slow and steady.

Don’t do the good mornings during the whole exercise. In this position when you are shoving the ass far too back and leaning forward.

Video about the perfect squat form

After reading this article, I recommend to also check this video about how to do a squat. The video is short and simple, but is shows all important things.

Be aware that doing squats in a wrong way, especially with big load, can cause serious injuries. If you have back or knee problem, first contact medical expert. Please read the disclaimer and be aware that I am not responsible for injuries you get from doing the squats in incorrect way.


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