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Running benefits are the reason why so many people enjoy running. Running can be great for your health, but it can also cause the health problems. 

There are so many reasons why running is a great exercise with so many benefits. I love to run so I put it on the list of 5 best exercises. The problem is that running can be the cause of great danger for your health.

Too Much Running is Bad for Your Health

Research on 52000 of people for 30 years have very interesting findings. Runners generally had 19% lower death-risk than non-runners. However, people that went over the following limits, didn’t become healthier:

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  • Running more than 20 miles a week
  • Running more than six days a week
  • Running faster than 8 miles per hour

Runners who followed the following guidelines enjoyed all the benefits of running:

  • 5 to 19 miles per week
  • Speed of 6 to 7 miles per hours
  • 3 to 4 times a week

10 Running Benefits

The benefits of running, I will mention, are for running within above mentioned limits.

  1. Running makes you happier and more energized
  2. Burns your fat
  3. Strengthens your joints and bones
  4. Keeps you sharper
  5. Reduces the risk of cancer and hearth deceases
  6. It makes you younger
  7. Makes you live longer
  8. It is very convenient
  9. Makes your bones stronger
  10. Increases your stamina

Running makes you happier and more energized 

It is proven that during running endocannabinoids hormones are produced. This is called the “runner’s high”. You instantly feel better. Running also helps people suffering from major depressive disorder

Burns your fat

One of the running benefit is that you become fitter. Running burn your calories and get rid of your beer belly. There is a popular opinion that the best way to burn fat is to jog for hours. Studies have proven that the most effective way of running for fat loss is HIIT (High Intensity Interval) running.

You can read about the HIIT workout in article Treadmill HIIT Workout – Great Fat Burn Gym Exercise. For you who would rather enjoy running outside in nature, read Running Training – Morning Running HIIT Workout.

Strengthens your joints and bones

Running increases bone mass and it is good for your knees. It is a good prevention of arthritis.

Just to remind you that too much running can cause you problems. A few years ago, I ran every day and I had problems with pain in my knees and ankles. For me the best is a combination of running and weight training.

Keeps you sharper

It is proven that all exercise, and running of course, helps in prevention of age related mental decline. Studies have shown that regular exercise resulted in improvement of the following brain functions:

  • attention
  • concentration
  • planning
  • organizing

Reduces the risk of cancer and hearth deceases

Cancer can’t cure cancer, but it is proven that it helps in prevention. Studies have shown that regular exercise is associated with lower risk of cancers. Running and other exercises, can improve your quality of life during chemotherapy.

Regular, but moderate running, help you also in prevention of heart diseases. The risk is reduced almost 50% comparing to people who don’t exercise.

It makes you younger

Regular physical activate makes you healthier and younger. Running helps in lowering blood pressure and helps you to sleep better. All these running benefits will make you look younger and healthier.

Makes you live longer

Running not only makes you live longer, but it also makes you live better and healthier.

It is very convenient

You can run everywhere and anytime you want. Just put your running shoes and run. You can run outside, you can run in the gym on treadmill. It is also very cheap. The only thing you need to buy is running shoes. 

You can run with your partner or friend. You can motivate each other for better workout, but also spend nice time together. If you have a dog, running is the best way to spend time with your four-legged friend. The running has a similar effect on your dog like on you.

Makes your bones stronger

Running keeps your bones stronger and healthier, even as you grow older.

Increases your stamina

One of the best running benefits is that it increases your stamina. You have more energy in your work, for your family and yourself.

Running Benefits, Especially Interesting for Working Men

Running strengthens your erection

One of the running benefits you would like is that running will not only strengthen your heart, but also strengthen your erection. But be aware, too much running can cause you problems in that department.

Increases your stamina in bed

Lasting longer isn’t restricted only on the running track. It is proven to make you longer in bed.

Improves man’s fertility

Physical activity, and running, improves a men’s fertility. A study has shown that running strengthen your sperm. Too much running can cause problems with your sperm. So please don’t overdo.

You still haven’t decided to start running

After all these running benefits I show you, you would rudder seat and watch TV or play video games. Watching this video will maybe help you to decide.

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