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Push-up benefits are numerous. Push-ups are the manliest exercise which turns boys to men for ages. Learn how to become a real man.

Push-ups are probably the most popular exercise. We were forced to them in school, sport trainings, military, often as a punishment. Despite this, they are on my list of the top 5 best exercises, check why.


10 push-up benefits


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The most important 10 push-up benefits are:

  1. The most convenient exercise
  2. Great full body exercise
  3. They are great fat burner
  4. Improve your metabolism
  5. Enhance your cardiovascular system
  6. Increase bone mass and strength
  7. It triggers production of testosterone and growth hormones
  8. Creates balance and stability
  9. Prevent injuries
  10. Make you more attractive

The most convenient exercise

Push-ups are probably the most convenient exercise of all. You can do them everywhere and anytime. You only need a little bit of space and good will. The great thing is they are so many versions of push-ups. Everybody can do them and chose versions the most suitable for their fitness level.

Great full body exercise

When you think about push-ups, the first association is chest workout. But, almost whole body is involved, even the legs.

The primary muscles are:

  • Chest (Pectoralis)
  • Arms (Triceps)
  • Shoulders (Deltoids)

Muscles used for stabilization during push-ups are:

  • Biceps
  • Abs – upper and side abs
  • Legs (Quadriceps)
  • Spine muscles

Pull-ups are similar complementary exercises with similar benefits. Check about them in the benefits of pull-ups.

They are great fat burner

Push-ups are compound exercise which involves lots of muscle groups. It is very demanding for your muscles, but also for your heart and lungs. They can burn great number of calories, and they can be more effective in burning your fat than the regular cardio exercises.

Increase your metabolism

Slow and ineffective metabolism is the cause of obesity and health problems. Push-ups, as whole-body exercise, target lots of muscles in your whole body. The blood and oxygen flow becomes more fluent, the digestion is improved. All these effects increase your metabolism and make you much healthier.

Enhance your cardiovascular system

One of the health push-up benefits is they make your cardiovascular system healthier. Push-ups make your heart work harder and increase your breathing. This makes your heart and lungs stronger and healthier.

Increase bone mass and strength

Doing the exercises regularly, especially like push-ups, increases the strength and mass of your bones. This is great prevention of osteoporosis and similar diseases and prevention of injuries.

It triggers production of testosterone and growth hormones

One of the health push-up benefits is that they naturally trigger the production of testosterone and growth hormones. They are very demanding and complex exercise that uses many muscle groups at the same time. This is the reason why they are naturally increasing the production of testosterone and growth hormones. Both hormones are very important for men’s health.

The best exercises for the same effect are deadlift and squat. Read more about them in the benefits of doing squats and deadlift benefits. Running also naturally boosts these hormones, check this in Running Benefits – Is Running the Best Exercise or Dangerous?

Creates balance and stability

Regular push-ups exercise helps your body to be more balanced and stable. It has similar effect as swimming.

Prevents injuries

Your whole body is becoming stronger and your bones stronger and denser. Testosterone and growth hormone are helping with the tissue recovery in your body. The body is more balanced. All these are great for prevention for all kinds of injuries.

You become more attractive

One of the great push-up benefits is they make you more attractive. Your chest is becoming more developed and formed. Your core muscles are stronger and you improve your posture. If we add that you lose your fat, the result of all these is that you are becoming more attractive.

Are You Still Not Motivated For Push-ups?

These 10 push-up benefits haven’t excited you to start doing them regularly. Check the video and maybe this will change.

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