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Benefits of pull-ups are multiple, especially for working men. Read about 7 benefits of pull-ups that will convince you to do this great workout regularly.

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Pull-ups are on the list of top 5 exercises. Check in the article 5 Best Exercises for Working Men, Both for Fat Loss and Strength the whole list.

The great benefit of pull-up is that is they are one of the most demanding bodyweight exercises. This is the main reason why pull-ups are usually used as a fitness test in the armed forces. As you are becoming stronger, you can increase the number of repetitions or even add extra weight.

One more exercise is always used in all kinds of fitness tests in all kinds of sports schools and military training. They are push-ups. Read more about Push-up Benefits – The Ultimate Test of Your Manhood.

Pull-ups are with the deadlift, the best exercise for your back.  Beside back, muscles used for pull-ups are shoulders, arms and abs. Most people have problems with the back pain. Pull-ups can prevent you with the back problems caused by too much sitting.

More about pull-ups read in Pull-ups – How, Why And Where to Do Them.

The 7 biggest benefits of pull-ups are:

  1. There are many variations
  2. You can do them everywhere, anytime
  3. Hit almost whole upper body
  4. Pull-ups balance your body and prevent injuries
  5. Improve your posture
  6. They Improve your mood
  7. Make you look more attractive

There are many variations

It is great with pull-ups that they are so many variations of them. You could never get bored with them.

  • Standard – without weights
  • Standard – with weights
  • Behind the neck
  • Pull-ups with mixed grip – one hand is placed in overhand, while another is placed underhand position
  • Commando or cliffhanger pull-up – body is held sideways to the bar
  • One arm pull-up – this one is very hard
  • One hand – easier version of previous, where one hand grips the other arm below the wrist
  • Climber’s chin-up – pull-ups when you in upper position stay as close as you can to one side and alternate sides
  • Sternum chin-ups – pull-ups with a longer range of motion in which you finish when the bar touches the breastbone
  • Muscle-up – pull-up with maximum range of motion that transition to a dip, and others

You can perform them everywhere and anytime

One of the best benefits of pull-ups is that you can do them almost everywhere and anytime. Every gym has a suitable bar for doing pull-ups. There are special pull-up bars you can buy and install them in your home. You probably have also some wooden beam which you can use for excellent exercise.

Your own bodyweight is enough for a very demanding workout.

Hit almost whole upper body

 With this great exercise, you are using a several muscle groups. Pull ups primary target your back muscles (Lats). Your arms (especially biceps), forearms, shoulders and deltoid muscles work with the exercise. The abs and pelvic floor muscles also work. Your grip is also very important to be able to perform the pull-ups at all. 

Pull-ups balance your body and prevent injuries

During workout, you need to balance your back, arms and shoulder muscles. If you regularly do the pullup your whole upper body becomes similarly developed and balanced. This is one of the best prevention of injuries.

Improve your posture

One of the great benefits of pull-ups is they strengthen your back and help you to improve your posture. Better posture improves your health and makes you more attractive. If they are too hard for you, you can choose easier versions.

Improve your mood

Doing just a few pull-ups can significantly improve your mood and motivate you to perform your daily tasks. The exercise is so demanding and after performing a few reps, you will become much more confident and in a better mood. You only need to find a suitable pull-up bar and do a couple of pull-ups and you will feel much better.

Makes you look more attractive

Your whole body will look much better, if you will do the pull-ups regularly every week. It is the perfect exercise for to get the V-shape torso. Broader shoulders, bigger back and tighter core will for sure make you more attractive and manly.

Are You Still Not Impressed?

After all these benefits of pull-ups you are still not impressed and not sure to regularly perform the exercise. Watch the video.


#1 Marc Strongman 2017-08-16 09:22
Pull-ups are great exercise. Just few remarks:
- do the warm-up before
- control the movements during exercise to avoid injury

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