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Deadlift benefits that will motivate you to go to the gym now. What is deadlift good for? Becoming stronger, leaner, healthier and more attractive man. 

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The squat is called the king of all exercise, but in my opinion, the deadlift is even more effective and better exercise. Check about squat benefits in Benefits of Doing Squats – The King of all Exercises. The deadlift is probably the best exercise of all time. It should be the most important exercise in the training program for all.

Find out what are the best exercises in The Best Exercises for Working Men, Both For Fat Loss and Strength.

10 most important deadlift benefits for a man

Deadlift is probably the most effective exercise for overall muscle growth. Furthermore, regular deadlift exercises have great influence on other aspects of a man’s body you would find rather interesting. Check the most important benefits of the deadlift. 

1. The most effective strength exercise

Deadlift is probably the best exercise for increasing the strength in the whole body. This is a real functional strength which can use in real life and sports. You will be surprised how deadlift is one of the most important exercises for most professional athletes. 

2. Deadlift is better for fat loss than cardio

You are probably surprised, but it is proven that strength exercises like the deadlift, are better for fat loss than cardio. It is very hard and physically demanding exercise and you are losing a great amount of energy. There is also after burn effect (losing fat after exercise), caused by increased muscle mass and higher hormone levels.

3. Improves your posture and stability

It is the best exercise for core strength. The core muscles are crucial for your posture and stability. After only a few weeks of doing regular deadlift, you will notice the difference in your posture and that you are walking taller and straighter.

4. Deadlift boosts hormone levels  

One of the best deadlift benefits is that increases levels of testosterone and growth hormone. Don’t be afraid, you will not become too emotional and sensitive like a woman. It is a natural hormone boost and it has only positive side effects, especially for men.

These hormones help with muscle growth and repair, tissue healing, bone strength, fat loss, better overall health and increased immunity. Also, as a result, they boost your libido.

5. Improves your overall health

Doing regular deadlift exercise will do not make you only stronger, but also healthier. Your whole body is in better shape, your muscles and bones. This natural increase of hormones is healing your body tissues, it increases your immunity and improves your overall health.

6. Increases sexual desire

One of the benefits of the deadlift is that in increases your sexual desire. As you already know, deadlift increased the testosterone level, as a result this boosts libido. Not only that. It is proven that women notice men with higher testosterone and find them more sexually attractive.

7. It boosts confidence

One of the great deadlift benefits is they increase confidence. Becoming stronger, more sexual attractive and healthier, with better posture, will for sure boost your confidence.

8. Makes you sexually attractive

One of the deadlift benefits you would like the most, is that is makes you more sexually attractive. One of the first things both men and women notice about the opposite sex is great butt. Doing deadlift is great for your glues almost like doing squats. Tighter butt, boost hormones, more confidence, better posture as a result make you more sexually attractive person. Don’t forget also the influence of testosterone on women.

9. Prevents injuries and lower back problems

The properly performed deadlift is great as a prevention for injuries and pain in the lower back. One of the biggest problems for all over 30, or even younger, is pain in the lower back. Deadlift improves stability by strengthening the core and with all these is very effective in prevention for back pain and other injuries.

10. Improves cardiovascular health

One of the health deadlift benefits is that it increases your cardiovascular fitness. The ability of your body to utilize and carry oxygen is improved with deadlift exercises. Deadlift, is a very demanding exercise, therefore it increases the blood flow and makes your heart and lungs stronger and healthier.

You Still Need More Reasons to Deadlift?

After all deadlift benefits you are still not sure why to deadlift. Maybe you need to watch this video. 

Now is time to start doing the exercise regurally. Before this please check the article How To Do a Deadlift – Secret for Perfect Deadlift Posture.


#2 Marc Strongman 2017-10-09 10:49
Proper form of deadlift makes you back and core stronger and they are the best prevention for lower back pain.

You only need to be careful to perform the deadlift in a right way. Check how to do deadlift properly in
#1 Bart 2017-10-08 18:23
I know that deadlift is great exercise but I'm afraid of getting hurt.

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