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The benefits of doing squats are important for the body, mental fitness and health. Regular squat exercise is a secret of every real man. 


The squats take the first place on the list of 5 most important exercises. Check which other exercisers are on the list in 5 Best Exercises for Working Men, Both for Fat Loss and Strength.

There are many squat variations: back squat, front squat, overhead squat, Zercher squats, Anderson squat, Bulgarian split squat, hack squat… Back squat, or normal squat is the most commonly used version and this exercise is called the king of all exercises.

The squat is a natural functional exercise, but it can be dangerous if you are not doing it right. In the article How To Do a Squat Right, you can find the right way to perform this excellent exercise.


15 benefits of doing squats

Regularly performing squats, once a week, is giving tremendous benefits to your body, mental stability and overall wellbeing. The most important benefits of doing squats are:  

1.      Squats build muscle and strength to all your body

Benefits of doing squats

The benefits of doing squats to your body are huge. They have a positive influence on the following parts of your body:

  • Leg muscles
  • Core muscles
  • Harm strings
  • Butt – gluteus maximus
  • Knee joints

Squats are making your body stronger and healthier.


2.      Effective way to burn your fat

Squats are very demanding exercise, therefore doing the squats is an effective way to burn your fat. They are helping you to lose the fat, even during the rest, because they increase your muscle mass. Comparing to fat, muscles in your body are burning more calories while you are resting.

3.      The best functional exercise

It is the primary movement that humans have been performing for millions of years. Doing squats make your everyday tasks and activities easier.

4.      They improve circulation

The squats are one of the best exercises in prevention of problems like “dead legs”, numbness, tingling, feeling the coldness in the extremities. Therefore, the blood circulation in your body is much better, if you are doing the squats regularly.

5.      Increase flexibility and balance of your body

One of the best benefits of doing squats is that increases flexibility and improved balance of your body. Doing Squats equally develops all muscles in your body together with joints, hamstrings and as a result, makes your bones stronger.

6.      Preventive for injuries

By improved flexibility and balance and strengthening of your body, doing squats is an excellent prevention of injuries.

7.      Improve your posture

One of the benefits of doing squats is that they improve your posture. So, to be able to perform the proper squat, your body needs to hold proper stance. Especially if you add additional weight, your body needs to have proper posture.

8.      Make your butt sexier

The squat is one of the best exercises for shaping your butt (gluteus maximus). Strong and well-shaped glutes are one of the first things women notice on the men’s body.  If you have better posture, less fat, more muscles and more testosterone, therefore you will become sexier.

9.      Increase performance in sports and everyday life

It is proven that doing squats is making you faster, jump higher and you become stronger. This is improving your performance in sports and making your everyday life easier.

10.       Squats are low impact exercise – don’t put strain on your back and knees

You probably heard that squats are hurting your knees and back. Properly performed squats are having very low impact and on your body. The truth is they even prevents problems with your knees and back.

11.  Help in removal of waste from your body

One of the very important benefits of doing squats is they help in removal of waste from your body. They help the movement of feces through the colons and more regular bowel movements. At the same time, they help delivering nutritious to all tissues.

12.  They are very convenient

Squats are very convenient exercise. You can do them everywhere, anytime and you dont need much space. You can also do them without any weights. You can do them with extra weight with barbell (most recommended), with dumbbells or kettlebells. So, it all depends on your strength and fitness level.

13.  Naturally increase testosterone and growth hormone

It is proven that doing squats increases level of testosterone and growth hormone. Combinations of these two hormones are like natural elixir. They are enhancing your sports performance, improve body composition and bring back your youthful vitality. They also increase your sexual drive and as a result, make you sexier.

14.  Great stress relief

One of the best way to stress relief is demanding exercise like squat. So, performing 4-5 sets of squats with heavy weights will make you 100% concentrated and you forget all your problems.

15.  Making you mentally stronger and confident

Maybe one of the most important benefits of doing squats is they are making you mentally stronger. Squats, especially with great weight, are very demanding exercise. In conclusion, squats are making you more confident and mentally stronger person.

Still not sure to squat regularly or not?

After all these befits of doing squats, you still think they are not worth of your time? Watch the video before quitting.



#2 Marc Strongman 2017-10-09 10:42
The use of Smith machine is one of the most common mistakes. The problem is it looks like you are doing the free weight exercise, but this is not true. Smith machine force you to do some unusual movements that could be dangerous.
#1 Bart 2017-10-08 18:47
What about squats on Smith machine?

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