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5 Best exercises of all time for getting in the best shape of your life. Secret to be healthier, stronger, more confident and sexually active man.

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You don’t need to have the best personal trainer and pay the membership in the most expensive gym to reach your fitness goals. Using only these 5 basic exercises can become a man you always dreamed.

Unfortunately, the average man has lower life expectancy and more problems with health than the average woman. There are specific Men's Health Issues that are the biggest cause of your health problems. The great news is that you can prevent all these issues with regular exercise.

5 best exercises for any man 

  1. Squats
  2. Deadlifts
  3. Pull-ups
  4. Push-ups
  5. Running

Using only these 5 best exercises is enough for creating the best workouts you ever need. You can become stronger and leaner in the same time, but also healthier, sexier and more satisfied with every aspect of your life.

I am always surprised to see guys in the gym doing only cardio exercises, without any strength training. Like they are afraid of the weights. There are also lifters, doing only weight training. For most of them running a mile is a like science fiction movie.

With these five exercises, you can become stronger and leaner. With more muscles and more stamina. Not only that, but you can become more attractive, sexier. Better in your work, but also in bed.

One very important advice can save you lots of problems: never forget to warm up before doing any of these exercises.

Squats – The King of all Exercises

Squats are probably the best exercises of all. They are truly functional exercises, making your life easier. Squats improve flexibility, strength, better posture, make your bones and joints stronger and what is also important, prevent injuries.

What is surprising, researches have proved that they help in burning fat, but also in increasing libido. With one single exercise, you can tone your legs, abs and butt.

One of the greatest squat benefits is that you can do it everywhere and you don’t need lots of space to do it right. Without weights, with barbell, dumbbells or Kettlebells, with the ball, without or with jump, squats are great. Take time and patience to learn to properly perform the basic squat move and after you can perform different exercises based on the squat.

In Benefits of Doing Squats – The King of all Exercises you can read about all the benefits you can get while doing the squats. You need to be aware that doing the squats in a wrong way can cause you problems, even serious injuries. Before starting with your squat exercise, read How To Do a Squat Right– Find Your Perfect Squat Form.

Deadlifts – The Most Functional Exercise

Lots of experts and gym freaks, state deadlift the best exercise. Deadlift is even better than squats for increasing the overall strength of your body. All major muscle groups will gain size and strength.

Like many gym goers, I was afraid of dead lift, because I thought I will break my back.  To be honest, deadlift can be very dangerous if you put a big weight and do them incorrectly. It is very important to control the movement all the way while performing the exercise. Warm up before is also a must.

Deadlifts are the best exercises for getting muscle gain and growth, but they are also one of the best exercises for losing fat. They will also increase your cardiovascular ability. Similar like squats, the deadlifts are the best exercises for increasing testosterone and growth hormone. These two hormones act in your body like true elixir. Check more about deadlift benefits in Deadlift Benefits That Will Motivate You To Do The Best Exercise Of All Time

You don’t need much space to do the deadlift. The most common deadlift version is with the barbell, but you can do them also with dumbbells, kettlebells and trap bar. They are the best exercises because they target back, butt, legs, shoulders, arms, forearms and hands. In article How To Do a Deadlift – Secret for Perfect Deadlift Posture find out how to do the perfect deadlift.  

Pull-ups – the Best Bodyweight Exercise

Pull-ups are in the third place, but lots of fitness freaks call them the best exercise in the world. The best thing is that only with your own bodyweight you can have excellent, if not the best, exercise for the upper body. Muscles used are back muscles, arms, shoulders, abs, hands and forearms.

They are many variations of pull-ups standard chin-ups, chin-ups with weights, behind-the-neck pull-ups, mixed grip, commando pull-ups, one hand pull-ups, muscle-ups… What is interesting they are used in many armed forces, like US Marines, as a physical fitness test. Find out more about pull-ups and how to do them in Pull-ups – How, Why And Where to Do Them.

You can do them everywhere where is hanging bar which can handle your weight. It is great exercise for your upper body, but is also good for fat loss. Pull-ups improve your posture and makes you feel better. Read about other pull-ups benefits in Benefits of Pull-ups – The Best Bodyweight Exercise.

Push-ups – the Most Popular Exercise

Push-ups are probably the most popular exercise in the world of all time. They a great functional exercise which targets chest muscles, shoulders, arms and abs. Push-ups are used in all athletic trainings, military training, martial arts. They are often used as punishment in military, school sports and in a most sport trainings. 

Like other best exercises, it creates balance and stability to your whole body, it strengthens your muscles and burn fat at the same time. It is probably the most convenient exercise, because you can do it literally everywhere. More about the benefits of push-ups read in Push-up Benefits – The Ultimate Test of Your Manhood.

There are many versions of push-ups: traditional, wide-grip push-ups, close-grip push-ups, clap push-ups, spiderman, decline and incline push-ups... Are you sure you are doing push-ups properly, most of people are doing them wrong. To check this, read the article How To Do Push-ups And Become A Real Man.

Running – the Best Workout for Fat Loss?

Running is great exercise. I needed to put it on the list of 5 best exercises. First of all read the article How To Start Running And Not To Hate It Too Much

Running alone, especially the long-distance running, is not the best thing for your body. Body of many long-distance runners looks like they are concentration camp victims. Compare those bodies with the bodies of sprinters. I am sure most of us would agree that sprinters look much healthier and happier individuals. 

The most effective use of running is HIIT. It is more effective even for fat loss. Read about running on the treadmill, which you can turn the best fat burner in Treadmill HIIT Workout – Great Fat Burn Gym Exercise. If you like running in nature check advices in the article Running Training – Morning Running HIIT Workout.

Check the benefits of running in Running Benefits – Is Running the Best Exercise or Dangerous.  

You Are Still Not Sure Why to Do the Workout?

After reading 5 best exercise, you are still not convinced that starting to workout is not a good idea. Please look at this video and think again. 

Workout Program

To have a best results, beside doing the best exercises, you also need to use the best workout program for you. In the article Workout Program - The Best Workout Plan For Men That Want To Be Fit, Strong And Healthy, you can find the best gym program.


#3 Marc Strongman 2017-10-09 10:36
Bench press is a great exercise, but in my opinion it is not among top 5. For the upper body strength deadlift is by far the best exercise. For chest dips are better and more functional exercise.
#2 Bart 2017-10-08 18:50
You didn't mention bench press. It should be on the top 5 list
#1 Marc Strongman 2017-08-11 19:28
What is your favorite exercise? Is it among the best 5 exercises?

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