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Barbell Squat and Farmers Walk Workout with running on treadmill before and after training, have been my introduction to the working week. Waking up at 6 AM after 5 days of not working and not training at all was not the best feeling in the world, but more as a habit, I decided to go to the gym before work.

Todays workout:

  1. Mr. Strongman's HIIT Treadmill warm up
  2. Farmers Walk Workout
  3. Barbell Squat
  4. Mr. Strongman's HIIT Treadmill

I was in a gym about 7 AM and there were already a few people working out. Unfortunately, squat rack, my favorite part of the gym, was already taken. I decided to warm up on a treadmill.

Treadmill Warm Up

  • 400 m at 10 kmph
  • 400 m at 12 kmph
  • 200 m at 8 kmph
  • 400 m at 12 kmph
  • 200 m at 8 kmph
  • 400 m at 12 kmph
  • 200 m at 8 kmph
  • 400 m at 12 kmph

As a good preparation for the summer and beach body, I decided to split my usual 30-minute treadmill exercise of 5 kilometers into two parts. First 15-minute part at the beginning and second 15-minute part at the end of my today's workout.

Warm up on the Treadmill

For the warm out I started with 400 meters running at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour. Just beside me, on the left there was a guy on the treadmill doing some silly side running. It looked funny, but it could be a useful exercise. Maybe I could try it.

HIIT on Treadmill

I am a quite competitive, especially on the treadmill. I will show to this youngster that I am not so bad too. First 400 meters I run with the speed of 10 kilometers per hour.

I love to do my own HIIT (High intensity interval training) on the treadmill. I have a few different versions of HIIT on treadmill. In one I run 13-15 kilometers per hour for 30-40 seconds, then, I “rest” for about 1 min with a speed of 8 kilometers per hour. The second version, which I used today, is to run 400 meters at a speed of 12 kilometers per hour and “rest” for 200 meters with a speed of 8 kilometers per hour.

So, after running 400 meters to warm up, I increased speed to 12 km per hour for the next 400 meters. Rest of 200 meters with 8 kilometers per hour and then again 400 meters on 12 kilometers per hour. After few intervals like this I finished on the treadmill with overall 2.5 kilometers under 15 minutes. Afterwards I always cool down for a few minutes.

The youngster on the right was still doing his running with quite big speed. He is not bad, but I always wonder why there are people, especially men, who are so afraid of weight training. They don't know what they are missing. The testosterone produced from intensive workouts with right diet will make you manlier. Your wives or girlfriends will be thankful. Trust me from my own experience :-).

Farmers Walk Workout

  • 30 seconds walk with 60 kg
  • 30 seconds walk with 100 kg
  • 30 seconds walk with 140 kg
  • 20 seconds walk with 160 kg

Since there was a girl still on the squat rack, I decided to do the Farmers walk workout. It is a great functional exercise. I started to perform it more often, after I read in T-Nation, that regular gym goer should do the Farmers Walk with at least twice of his weight and walk slowly for 30 seconds.

I will go with “only” 160 kilograms as max. My biggest problem here is to manage to hold grip on more than 160 kilograms.

Farmers Walk Trap Bar Exercise

I am thankful to the gym owner for getting this useful thing- the trap bar. I love to use it for deadlifts, but it is perfect for Farmers Walk too. I guess it is the only way to manage to do your double weigh with the Farmers Walk workout.

I started with 60 kilograms for the warm out. I’ve taken the trap bar with the weights to the place in a gym where I could perform the Farmers Walk workout without bothering anyone. 30-40 seconds of farmers walk with this weight, perfect for warm out.

I performed the second set with 100 kilograms, 3rd set with 140 kg, 4th set with maximum weight of 160 kg and the last 5th set with 140 kg. The 4th set with the maximum weight lasted about 20 seconds. I am using the rest of about 1 min. It seems my grip is getting better and I will manage soon to do the Farmers Walk with my double weight. The squat is the next.

Barbell Squat – The King of Exercise

  • 60 kg 10 reps
  • 100 kg 10 reps
  • 120 kg 10 reps
  • 120 kg 10 reps
  • 120 kg 10 reps

After Farmers walk I feel tightening of trapezius, legs and back muscle, but I continue with the squat. I will lower my maximum weight on squat just in case to avoid potential injuries.

Warming up with 20 kilograms on each side of the barbell – 60 for warm out about 10 reps. Second set I do with 100 kg and 3 more sets with 120 kilograms about 10 reps each. The rest between sets is about 1 min. Only Treadmill to go.

15 min Treadmill Run

  • 400 m at 10 kmph
  • 200 m at 8 kmph
  • 400 m at 12 kmph
  • 200 m at 8 kmph
  • 400 m at 12 kmph
  • 200 m at 8 kmph
  • 400 m at 12 kmph
  • 200 m at 8 kmph

The same as for the start of exercise, I ended today's work out with my HIIT Treadmill workout for 15 minutes running a total of 2.5 kilometers. I was all wet and needed to cool down and stretch to avoid injuries and muscle pain.



To avoid muscle pain, especially after doing the barbell squats and running, I use a foam roller. The front-thigh and a back-thigh massage with the foam roller for a few minutes and few minutes of stretching.

For sure, not a bad start of the week - Barbell Squat and Farmers Walk Workout with treadmill running.


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