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Running training doesn’t have to be always the same old boring jogging exercise. HIIT running routine as a part of your running session can give you a boost in your fitness level. 

This week I have decided to put on hold my gym membership. I’m going on vacation soon and don’t usually go to the gym during this period. I also want to show to you and myself how to perform excellent training sessions out of the gym. I’ve determined to do the running and swimming sessions, but also to make them more interesting with the High-Intensity Interval Training as a part of these sessions.

My morning running training today has been the following:

  • 40 minutes intense running
    • Warm up in low pace, jogging on the flat ground
    • 30-40 seconds High-Intensity parts on the hills
    • Few minutes of Low-Intensity on the flat ground
    • 30-40 seconds of High-Intensity parts on the flat ground – High speed
    • Few minutes of Low-Intensity on the flat ground – Low speed

Read more about HIIT workout and HIIT benefits in What is HIIT Workout and What are the HIIT Benefits?

HIIT Workout – Making your Jogging Exercise More Healthy

Changing the pace of your running and changing the flat ground with hills is turning your dull jogging exercise to interesting and more demanding HIIT workout. This is not only making your training more interesting and harder, but also is making it healthier. Interval training, according to many studies, can reverse your aging. Read more about it in interesting article How Interval Training Can Reverse Aging.

Getting out of the Comfort Zone and Becoming a Better Person

On Monday, it is always hard to wake up at 6 AM, but today I’ve managed to get up even earlier. I admit I wasn’t so eager to perform my morning exercise, especially because it wasn’t usual gym class. Getting out of the comfort zone is never easy, but is making you stronger and a better person. The trick is to often try different approaches and ways, but to not make too big jumps. We need to do it step by step.

I get out and started to warm up. I need some time to get to the park, where I decided to run. I’ve started with too high tempo for Monday morning, so I was too soon out of breath. This is never the best start, please always start with lower pace. I wasn’t running outside for a long time. I regularly use a treadmill and running outside for sure is not the same.

I needed to lower my pace. The best way is to not stop, except of course, if you feel dizzy or feel pain. Much better is to start running slower. Completely stopping for me is like quitting. Running training is not only workout, but also a psychological exercise. You will often feel the urge to completely stop and the small voice in your head will say stop, quit. If you resist it and keep up, it will not only make you fitter, but also a stronger and more powerful person.

Proper Breathing is crucial for Running Training

When I was in the park, and started to run I was OK and my breathing was OK. Remember in running, your breathing is crucial. Learn to breath properly. I am always using the technique when I breath in 2 times through nose and breath out two times through the mouth. I am doing this in tempo of running speed and intensity. During running training concentrate on your proper breathing, until it starts to be unconscious.

Alternating High-Intensity and Low-Intensity Intervals on HIIT Running Session

 Soon after the park entrance, there was a small but very high hill. I decided to use it as a High-Intensity Interval part of the HIIT workout. I keep the same pace on the hill and making my running training much more intense. After the hill, I was out of the breath, but with Low-intensity running on the flat ground I was soon OK.

I was alternating 30-40 seconds High-Intensity parts on the hills with the few minutes Low-Intensity intervals on flat ground. Similar as 30-40 seconds of High-Intensity parts on flat ground with a Few minutes of Low-Intensity on flat ground. I was going around 1st small lake, and after that another small lake. Ground was somewhere wet from yesterday rain. Trees and lake and running is much more interesting than doing similar HIIT training on the treadmill. Very soon I was again at the park entrance and finished with training.

Cool Down of a Morning Jogging Exercise

On the way out of the park, I was using the Low-Intensity running and faster walking through traffic for cooling down. After a long time, I was having an exercise session out of the gym and it wasn’t bad at all. Using Running HIIT workout as a part of your Running training is making it healthier and more interesting.

Running training is great by you can also have an excelent training in a gym. Find the best Tradmill HIIT workout for you in Treadmill HIIT Workout – Great Fat Burn Gym Exercise.

Morning Running Training Can Change Your Life

If you think waking up earlier is not for you, please watch this video. Maybe it can change your life.


#1 Marc Strongman 2017-08-10 08:40
When there is a great weather outside running in a park can be not only great workout, but also mental boost.

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