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Supersets of Deadlift with Military Press and supersets of Kettlebell Swing Workout with Side Lateral Raise was my intensive 45-minutes training for today.

Today I’ve performed very intense training. The exercise plan is:

Mr. Strongman Treadmill 2.6 km run

Today I also started with High-Intensity Interval training run on a treadmill with the following tempo:

At the beginning, 400 meters on 10 kmph followed by 400 meters on 12 kmph, I’ve felt tightening of my calves and I wasn’t 100% fresh. Luckily, soon I get used to the tempo and I finished easy. I have even increased the tempo to 400 m last interval from 12 to 14 kmph for last 100 meters. My breathing was OK, but I was already quite wet.

Deadlift with bar

Deadlift and Military Press Supersets

After the treadmill, my rest period was going to the barbell for deadlift and putting weights. I started with 60 kg, as always, to warm up and prepare my lower back for higher weights. After a deadlift without rest I was going to barbell for military press and started with 30 kg.

My biggest problem with the deadlift is handling the grip with more than 160 kg. Also, I was quite tired from a treadmill, and superset of the deadlift and military press. The aim of my trainings during summer is different than usual. During this time of year, I am more concerned about my form and aerobic capability then with strength and muscle growth.

Kettlebell Swing workout with Side Lateral Raises Supersets

The last part of my very intensive workout today was the supersets of Kettlebell Swing workout with Side Lateral Raise. This superset is aerobically even more intense than previous. 20 reps of the kettlebell swing have made me quite breathy. I couldn’t concentrate much on side lateral raised with dumbbells, so I used only 12.5 kg.

The supersets looked like this:

Like the last two trainings of this week, today exercise routine was very intense and demanding so I was trying to catch my breath during a cool down and stretching.

Cool Down

I’ve used foam roller on my thighs – front, back and side. Also on the back, trying to be careful on a lower back. There are no so big muscles like on a higher back to protect your spine.